The Philippines has fully vaccinated at least 23,360,489 Filipinos, or 21.20% of the population.

We are administering an average of 469,703 vaccinations daily.

At this rate, it will take about 6 months (Apr 2022) to fully vaccinate 70M Filipinos and achieve herd immunity.

We currently have a supply of 85,575,600 vaccine doses, enough to fully vaccinate 40.30% of the population.

We need to administer 1,097,374 doses daily, or 2.3 times our current rate, to reach DOH's goal of herd immunity by December 31, 2021.

Source. Last updated: Oct 11, 2021.

Percentage of Filipinos Vaccinated vs. Total Population

* Vaccine Supply is the # of individuals that can be fully vaccinated given the current supply of vaccines in the PH, assuming all vaccines require 2 doses per person.

23,360,489 Filipinos are fully vaccinated, or 33.37% of the 70M herd immunity target.

We have enough vaccines to fully vaccinate 44,408,225 individuals, or 63.44% of the 70M herd immunity target.

Number of People Vaccinated (Total)

Number of People Vaccinated vs. PH Govt's Goalposts

Daily Vaccination Rate (7-Day Moving Average)

Arrival of New Doses by Brand

Vaccine Rollout in the Philippines vs. ASEAN Countries

Source: OurWorldInData. Based on latest available data per country.

Vaccine Doses Administered per Month vs. DOH's Monthly Goal

Are we on track with DOH's goal to ramp up the rate of vaccination every month?

Vaccine Doses by Brand and Mode

Vaccine Doses Administered & Remaining Supply

Vaccine Doses Received vs. DOH's Expected Arrival (Cumulative)

Are we on track with DOH's expected arrival of vaccine supplies per month?

* "Doses required for herd immunity" assumes all vaccines require 2 doses.